aCon’s core competence is to supply and support self-service solutions for the postal sector including both hardware and software. aCon has developed a complete self-service postal office for a number of postal organisations.


The company aCon was founded in 2003 by Allan Kaczmarek. The idea was to develop kiosk terminals for retail businesses. Production and development started in his father's garage but within long the business was moved to better facilities at Danfoss A/S in Nordborg, Denmark. In 2004, the company bid on an assignment for PostDanmark. PostDanmark wanted a self-service solution by means of a self-service post office.

Less than two years later, aCon and PostDanmark initiated a pilot period starting on the 6th of September 2006 to the 1st of July 2007. The pilot was a great success for PostDanmark and aCon. Subsequently, aCon has developed versions for post offices in other countries.

In January 2013 aCon A/S licensed all postal products to Postacon ApS, managed and owned by Flemming Toft, CEO of aCon from 2006 to 2012.

Postacon is now the exclusive producer and distributor for the aCon postal products.


  • 2013 – Postacon assumes responsibility for the aCon postal products
  • 2012 – TELE-POST (Greenland) introduces the Netpack software
  • 2012 – An Post (Ireland) rolls out the Stamp Printer
  • 2012 – TELE-POST (Greenland) adds another 2 Self Post Units and 3 Self Post Lockers
  • 2011 – KvicklyRy installs a complete Self Service Post Office as a replacement for shop-in-shop solution
  • 2011 – TELE-POST (Greenland) adds another 2 Self Post Units and 3 Self Post Lockers
  • 2011 – bpost (Belgium) initiates a pilot with 5 SPU's
  • 2010 – An Post (Ireland) starts a pilot with the Stamp Printer
  • 2010 – TELE-POST (Greenland) adds another 9 Self Post Units, a Self Post Locker and a NetPack solution
  • 2010 – Israel Post starts pilot with five Self Post Units
  • 2009 – Post Denmark installs 30 new Self Post Units from aCon
  • 2009 – TELE-POST introduces Frankie on Greenland
  • 2009 – Posta  introduces the Stamp Printer on the Faroe Islands
  • 2009 – TELE-POST (Greenland) starts pilot with 4 Self Post Units
  • 2008 – Posta (Faroe Islands) starts pilot with four Self Post Units
  • 2008 – TNT Post (The Netherlands) starts pilot with five Self Post Units
  • 2007 – Posten Norge AS (Norway) starts pilot with four Self Post Units
  • 2006 – Flemming Toft joins aCon as the new CEO, Allan Kaczmarek continues as the CTO
  • 2006 – Post Danmark A/S (Denmark) starts pilot with six Self Post Units developed by aCon A/S
  • 2006 – Establishment of a software division in Pakistan
  • 2005 – Syddansk Kapital & LD Holding enters as shareholders
  • 2003 – aCon is founded by Allan Kaczmarek